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Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay dictionary v1

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Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! gameplay dictionary v1

Post  Lanth Magnes on Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:36 pm

A -
Attack v \ə-ˈtak\: During the Battle Phase, when a monster declares battle against an opponent or opponent's monster. When attacking another player, this is called "attacking directly".

B -
Banish v \ˈba-nish\: Remove from play. Place the card(s) in question in a pile somewhere off the playmat.


C -
Card n \ˈkärd\: A monster, spell, trap, or Xyz Material.

Condition n \kən-ˈdi-shən\: A part of a card which describes a certain scenario that must be met before an effect can activate or a monster can be summoned. This is not treated as part of the effect.

Control v \kən-ˈtrōl\: A card on your side of the field is under your control. You make the decisions regarding the cards you control. A card changes control when it is given control to or taken control of by another player. However, when that card leaves the field, it returns to its owner.

Cost n \ˈkȯst\: A part of a card which describes what must be paid when an effect is activated. This is not treated as part of the effect.

D -
Damage n \ˈda-mij\: A reduction in Life Points, either by an effect that damages, known as "Effect Damage", or from the damage step of a battle, known as "Battle Damage".

Destroy v \di-ˈstrȯi, dē-\: To remove a card from the field, either by an effect that destroys, or from the damage step of a battle. A destroyed monster goes to the Graveyard.

Discard v \dis-ˈkärd, ˈdis-ˌ\: Removing a card from your hand whether by effect, cost, or adjusting hand size during the End Phase. A discarded card goes to the Graveyard.

E -
Effect n \i-ˈfekt, e-, ē-, ə-\: A part of a card that describes what the card does.

Equip v \i-ˈkwip\: To target a monster and apply an effect to that monster. An equip card goes to a Spell/Trap card zone belonging to the player that activated the card that equipped it, and remains face-up on their side of the field as long as its respective equipped monster remains face-up on the field.

Excavate v \ˈek-skə-ˌvāt\: Reveal a card(s) on the top of your deck, then apply a certain effect. Until that effect is applied, the excavated cards are still considered in your deck.

F -
Field n \ˈfēld\: Where the battle takes place, consisting of 5 monster card zones, 5 Spell/Trap card zones, a field spell zone, and 2 pendulum zones on each side. Also may refer to the Field Spell card, or its zone.

G -
Graveyard n \ˈgrāvˈyärd\: Discard pile usually located above the deck. Cards in the graveyard are always face-up.

H -

I -

J -

K -

L -

M -

N -

O -

P -
Pierce v \ˈpirs\: If a monster in defense position is attacked and the ATK of the attacking monster is higher than the DEF of the defending monster, an attacking monster with this effect inflicts Battle Damage equal to the difference to the controller of the defending monster.

Q -

R -
Reveal v \ri-ˈvēl\: Show a card, then return it to its state prior to revealing.

S -
Search v \ˈsərch\: To look through a player's deck.

Set adj, [i]v \ˈset\: A face-down (card), or the act of placing a card face-down. Also may refer to a group of cards released in a "set".

Shuffle v \ˈshə-fəl\: Any of several methods used to randomly mix cards so no one knows what order they are in.

T -
Tribute v  \ˈtri-(ˌ)byüt, -byət\: Removing a monster from the field to perform a specific action, such as a summon. A tributed monster goes to the graveyard.

U -

V -

W -

X -


Z -




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